VneshEconomAudit (VEA) Company
is one of the leading regional consulting companies in Audit, Tax, and Financial Advisory.
We work with major regional companies and private equity firms in the Urals region and leverage our local network with international exposure.
In 2007 ACCA awarded the company the Registered status under the University and College Registration Scheme in recognition of the quality of tuition in the area of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

We offer the following services:


·         Russian statutory audit and accounting

·         preparation (restatement) of financial statements of Russian enterprises in compliance with IFRS

·         advisory and educational services to the clients staff on preparation, application and interpretation of IFRS 

·         special purpose audit


Tax and legal

·         foreign entity tax and legal advisory

·         advice on Russian VAT and withholding tax

·         tax audit of Russian and international firms

·         international tax planning

·         consultancy on civil, corporate and international law

·         review and preparation of contracts, agreements and other legal documents

·         representation of clients in arbitration court (litigation)

·         forensic services

·         business formation


Corporate Finance Advisory

·         M&A advisory (financial and legal due diligence, valuation, fairness opinion)

·         business plan preparation and analysis

·         commercial real estate valuation (by ARGUS)






30-31 октября и 1-6 ноября 2018 года, Челябинск и города области


Консультационный семинар и вебинар: 

Онлайн-кассы и кассовые операции в 2018 году: практика применения, риски, спорные моменты







c 4 сентября 2018 года, Челябинск 


Обучение по программе ДипИФР (рус) – Диплом ACCA по Международной Финансовой Отчетности




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